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Clean Water Summit

Begins: Sep 22nd, 2016 at 9:00 am
Ends: Sep 22nd, 2016 at 4:30 pm

Venue: Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
Location: 3675 Arboretum Dr | Chaska

More information and registration on the Arboretum Website

Summit Overview

The 2016 Clean Water Summit will feature up-to-date knowledge and research in green infrastructure practices for redevelopment and retrofit sites, with a focus on innovation in project planning, developing partnerships, engaging community, design and installation, monitoring, and operations and maintenance that optimizes performance. 

Presentations and case studies that showcase how green infrastructure practices were incorporated into urban redevelopment and retrofit sites, including what it took to overcome barriers and achieve local buy-in and acceptance. The Summit fill feature: 

  • Innovation in engineering and design, monitoring, operations, and maintenance that optimizes long-term performance and enhances the effectiveness of green infrastructure practices.

  • Lessons learned in project planning, developing partnerships, communicating value, engaging communities, and obtaining funding.

  • Local, regional, and state policies and planning efforts that support the use of more green infrastructure and less grey infrastructure in our communities.

watershed managers  •  designers  •  engineers • landscape architects •  community planners  •  municipal stormwater managers • policy makers  •  public agency staff  • property managers • educators • concerned citizens

Summit Highlights

This Summit will feature Pigeonhole Live, an interactive platform for audience participation. Bring any web-capable device such as a phone, laptop, or tablet. No apps, sign-up or downloads reguired, and wi-fi is available, but data usage may apply if using cell service.

Tentative...be sure to check regularly for updates!


Howard Neukrug, PE - Former Commissioner and CEO, Philadelphia Water Services; Fellow, US Water Alliance and the Penn Institute for Urban Research; Principal with HN Environmental  
Mr. Neukrug is a local and national leader in drinking water, green infrastructure and wastewater utility industries, recognized as a builder of regional and inter-agency coalitions and trust-based relationships with regulators, legislators, and communities. He is the creator of Philadelphia's Green Cities, Clean Water Program, where he was the CEO of Philadelphia Water's $1 billion water services utility. He is an advisor to the US EPA and other environmental agencies on issues of policy and regulation, water quality and treatment and urban planning and sustainability and has served on many environmental advocacy organizations. Mr. Neukrug is a graduate in Civil and Urban Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, where he is currently teaches 3 courses: "Water, Science, and Politics", "Sustainable Cities", and "The US Water Industry in the 21st Century".

Rob Traver, Ph.D. - Director and Researcher, Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership and the Villanova Center for the Advancement of Sustainability in Engineering
Dr. Robert G. Traver has been a member of the Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Program at Villnova since 1988. He currently serves as Director of both the Villnova Center for the Advancement of Sustainability in Engineering, and the Villnova Urban Stormwater Partnership. While at Villnova, Dr. Traver has conducted research on topics that include modeling of stream hydraulics, urban hydrology, water quality, and measures to mitigate stormwater effects of urbanization. He has been the main force in creating a Stormwater Green Infrastructure Demonstration and Research Park on the Villnova Campus, and founded the Villnova Urban Stormwater Partnership to enable continuing long term stormwater research. Dr. Traver believes that research supports and enhances the undergraduate and graduate educational experience. He teaches graduate courses in hydrology, hydraulics, urban stormwater management, and undergraduate courses in all facets of water resources.


Project Planning
Planning tools · project drivers · innovation in planning approaches · quantifying multiple benefits · lessons learned

Partnerships and Community Involvement 
Innovative partnerships · roles and responsibilities · challenges and barriers · funding opportunities ·communication and engagement

Design, Installation, and Monitoring
Innovation in design for municipal, residential, and linear projects · tools and technologies used · performance optimization · lessons learned and replicating success

Operations and Maintenance
Long term maintenance plans · funding options· technologies in O&M · lessons learned

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