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Sep  2016


Community Survey Results are in

The Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District is updating its Watershed Management Plan. The Plan lays out the watershed district's approach to protect, manage, and restore water resources within the district, which includes the watersheds of Bluff Creek, Purgatory Creek, and Riley Creek. Recognizing that the foundation of a great plan is great information, the watershed district launched an extensive public engagement strategy to find out what is important to its stakeholders. This included workshops with the Citizens Advisory Committee, the Technical Advisory Committee, and the Board of Managers and district staff. It also included three public input summits, one for each creek watershed, and a community survey.

The 23 question community survey was hosted on the watershed district's website from February till June. It was a major piece of the district's public engagement strategy, and was promoted through newspaper inserts and press releases, newsletters and social media, and at more than a dozen events.

Below are a few highlights from the survey. You can find out more by reading a summary fact sheet, and the full results report. And, a big thank you to all in the community who gave their valuable input.

Summary Fact Sheet
Survey Results Report



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