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Junior Watershed Explorer
Activity Book

Adventure, observe, take notes! Explore your watershed and complete the Jr Watershed Explorer workbook to earn a badge.

Where does water go when it rains? What kinds of fish and animals live in the water bodies in our area? What can each of us do to help protect clean water? This activity book takes kids on an adventure through their watershed, exploring how we are all connected to, and by water.


5 years - 12 years (Younger children complete fewer pages to ear their badge)


  1. Download the workbook, or stop by our office for a printed copy(s)*
  2. Complete the number of activities required for your age group
  3. Check your work
  4. Mail or bring the last page to us and we'll send you badge
  5. Keep Exploring! 

Our office is located at:
18681 Lake Drive East, Chanhassen Minnesota, 55317

*Can't make it in? Let us know and we can mail you a copy. Are you an educator? Arrange to have us drop of copies at your school or other facility.



For more info, for mailed/dropped-off copies, or to
adapt this book for other educational uses, contact
Eleanor Mahon