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Middle Riley Creek Stabilization Project

This project will stabilize 970 feet of Riley Creek within the Bearpath Golf and Country Club.



The RPBCWD will be stabilizing 970 feet of Riley Creek at two separate locations within the Bearpath Golf and Country Club. This is a private/public partnership that will provide water quality benefits as well as climate resiliency. This is done through increased flood storage as the realigned channel will be reconnected to the floodplain through grade control features such as rock riffles, cross vanes, and J-hook vanes. These features, as well as the native buffers to be established, will provide riparian habitat.

Construction will begin the week of September 7th and should be substantially completed by mid-October. 


Middle Riley Creek Stabilization Feasibility Report
Middle Riley Creek Stabilitation Project Plan

If you have any questions, please contact Terry Jeffery, Interim District Administrator at



Status: Underway
Start: September 2021
End: October 2021
Partners:  Bearpath Golf and Country Club


Project Area