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Scenic Heights School Forest Restoration

Welcome to the Scenic Heights School Forest Restoration! This project will restore a healthy ecosystem in the school forest, one that promotes clean water in nearby Purgatory Creek, and provides habitat for wildlife.

Project updates

Work scheduled to begin Feb 16th


We are excited to announce that work on the restoration is about to start! But what is being done? Who is doing it? And what will it look like? Can you still visit the forest? Read more...

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Why restore?
What is a school forest?
How can I help?

Before & After

Wondering what the restoration might look like? Check out the before images (slider to the left), and after renderings (slider to the right) below. The first is an aerial view of the entire school forest. The second is looking north into the forest from Purgatory Creek Park. The third is from the same location, but looking south.

Aerial View

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Looking North

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looking South

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Project Partners