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Permit FAQs

No, the District will work with its municipal partners and state agencies to avoid duplication of efforts.  For example, the District is seeking a general permit from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) so that projects triggering DNR permits and District permits could be permitted by the watershed district.

Our water resources our pressured every day with land and water disturbing activities.  The rules are one way for the District to ensure conservation of water for public uses, control erosion and siltation of lakes, streams and wetlands, and protect water quality in these water bodies. 

If you have questions about what rules might apply to your project, contact Mat Nicklay at or 952-607-6512 ext. 7

Projects that impact Minnesota’s water resources are regulated by a variety of state, local, and federal agencies. Check out this useful tool from the MN Department of Natural Resources to help identify other organizations you might need a permit from: Water Related Program Contacts.

Do you have other permit-related questions ? Contact Mat Nicklay at or 952-607-6512 ext 7.