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Summer 2023

Welcome to summer. You may have noticed already that any rebound we got on lake levels and stream levels from this winter's near record snow accumulation has disappeared.


Spring 2023

This June marks the 50th anniversary of the first World Environment Day. Over those 50 years, RPBCWD has made significant improvements to the water resources in our 50 square mile corner of the world.


Winter 22-23

The RPBCWD is half-way through our ten-year plan and has made considerable progress.


Fall 2022

Another busy year at RPBCWD and, in many ways, a normal year following the contortions needed to deal with the pandemic years.


Summer 2022

What a summer it has been! This year saw substantial completion of several projects, including a seven-acre wetland restoration near Pioneer Trail.


Spring 2022

Ah, spring. The time of year we emerge from our homes excited about the season ahead and the projects we want to get to work on. This is true with all of us at RPBCWD too.


Winter 2021

Well, we made it. Months and years blur together, but we all still did what we needed. Throughout all of this, some great things have happened.


Fall 2021

There have been quite a few changes around the office lately, but we've been hard at work. Catch up with what the District has been up to this year!


Winter 2020

As this tumultuous year comes to a close, we are reflecting on the great work that RPBCWD was able to accomplish alongside our many amazing partners.


Fall 2020

This summer has been unique for all of us, and we have been fortunate to be able to continue many of our operations socially distanced and online.


Summer 2020

These last few months have been a big change for everyone. Read the District's updated Covid-19 response.


Spring 2020

As winter changes to spring, the District is preparing for a busy field season. Snowmelt will bring more water to local creeks.