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Citizen Advisory Committee

The CAC is a volunteer advisory board comprised of community members. Members are appointed annually by the District's Board of Managers. Members serve two-year terms.

As representatives of citizen interests, committee members support the watershed's board of managers in their mission to protect, manage, and restore water resources. They provide recommendations to aid in decision making, communicate concerns from the public, and help educate the community on best practices for protecting clean water.


Everyone is welcome to attend! 

The CAC holds regular monthly meetings on the third Monday of the month, 6-8 p.m. Changes or additions to the meeting schedule will be posted on this webpage and District calendar. One District manager typically attends each CAC meeting.

CAC meetings are held at the RPBCWD office, 18681 Lake Drive E, Chanhassen.

Upcoming CAC Meetings

Meeting Agendas + Minutes

Meeting agendas and minutes for each CAC meeting are listed below and organized by year. Click below to open list.

Unlisted months indicates a meeting was not held.

May 20, 2024 CAC Regular Meeting

April 15, 2024 CAC Regular Meeting

March 18, 2024 CAC Regular Meeting

February 26, 2024 CAC Regular Meeting

January 22, 2024 CAC Regular Meeting

December 18, 2023 Regular CAC Meeting

Location: The meeting will be held at the RPBCWD office, 18681 Lake Dr E, Chanhassen.

November 20, 2023 Regular CAC Meeting

Location: The meeting will be held at the RPBCWD office, 18681 Lake Dr E, Chanhassen

October 16, 2023 Regular CAC Meeting

Location: The meeting will be held at the RPBCWD office, 18681 Lake Dr E, Chanhassen

September 18, 2023 Regular CAC Meeting

August 21, 2023 Regular CAC Meeting

July 17, 2023 Regular CAC Meeting

May 15, 2023 Regular CAC Meeting

April 17, 2023 CAC Regular Meeting

March 20, 2023 CAC Regular Meeting

February 20, 2023 CAC Regular Meeting

January 16, 2023 CAC Regular Meeting

December 12, 2022 Regular CAC Meeting

November 21, 2022 Regular CAC Meeting

October 17, 2022 Regular CAC Meeting

September 19, 2022 Regular CAC Meeting

August 15, 2022 Regular CAC Meeting

July 18, 2022 Regular CAC Meeting

June 20, 2022 Regular CAC Meeting

May 16, 2022 Regular CAC Meeting

April 18, 2022 Regular CAC Meeting

March 21, 2022 Regular CAC Meeting

February 21, 2022 Regular CAC Meeting

January 24, 2022 Regular CAC Meeting

December 13, 2021 Regular CAC Meeting

November 15, 2021 Regular CAC Meeting

September 20, 2021 Meeting (field trip cancelled)

August 16, 2021 CAC Meeting

June 21, 2021 CAC Meeting

May 17, 2021 CAC Meeting

April 6, 2021 CAC Meeting

February 22, 2021 CAC Meeting

January 25, 2021 CAC Meetings

December 14, 2020 CAC Meeting

November 16, 2020 CAC Meeting

September 21, 2020 CAC Meeting

August 17, 2020 CAC Meeting

July 20, 2020 CAC Meeting

June 15, 2020 CAC Meeting

May 18, 2020 CAC Meeting

April 20, 2020 CAC Meeting

March 16, 2020 CAC Meeting

February 24, 2020 CAC Meeting

January 27, 2020 CAC Meeting

December 16, 2019 CAC Meeting

CAC Members

Andrew Aller (Chair)

Andrew Peterson (Recorder)

Bonnie Nelson (Vice Chair; TAC rep)

Dave Paulson

Jeff Weiss (TAC rep)

Jim Boettcher

Marilynn Torkelson

Michelle Frost

Sharon McCotter

Terry Jorgensen

Interested in joining the CAC?  Applications are accepted at the end of the year for positions to begin the following year. The Board of Managers typically reviews applications and appoints new members in January. CAC member terms are for two years. Sign up for the RPBCWD newsletter so you don't miss the call for applications.

Staff Liaisons

Liz Forbes

Eleanor Mahon

Bylaws of the CAC

The bylaws are a set of rules, created by the CAC, to regulate itself. They were first created on October 20, 2014 and last Amended December 16, 2019. 

View the state statute for watershed districts and advisory committees:

Minnesota Statute - Chapter 103D: Watershed Districts

Relevant Documents and Links


Documents specific to the CAC


District information


Related organizations

Reference Info for CAC Members

Watershed District Overview

Presentation slides from 8/16/2021 CAC Meeting


District Rules & Permitting Process

Presentation slides from 11/15/2022 CAC meeting


FAQs from CAC Members

Presentation slides from 6/20/2022 CAC meeting


SELECT Videos from CAC Meetings

Presentations from some guest speakers have been recorded. Visit the RPBCWD YouTube Channel.

Presentation on 6/19/2023 about threats to forest ecology by Dr. Lee Frelich, Director of the University of Minnesota Center for Forest Ecology.

Welcome to the CAC 2023, 1/16/2023

Presentation about healthy soils by Dr. Ann Marie Journey, 3/21/2022

Presentation about Minnesota springs and seeps by Dr. Calvin Alexander and presentation by RPBCWD staff Eleanor Mahon about water conservation, 6/21/2021