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The rules are a watershed-wide regulatory structure that ensures a consistent level of resource protection across the watershed district.

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If you require a permit through the RPBCWD, applications can be completed through an online portal. Each page saves as you go, so don't worry about finishing it all at once.

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Permits web map

An interactive web map that allows you to explore District-permitted projects.

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Permit applications are due no less than 30 business days prior to the board meeting. See all deadlines.


Mat Nicklay

952-607-6512 extension 2

Overview of Permitting Process

District Rules require Permits

The rules are a watershed-wide regulatory structure that ensures a consistent level of resource protection across the watershed as required by the Metropolitan Surface Water Management Act.


The District developed rules for:

  • floodplain management and drainage alterations
  • erosion prevention and sediment control
  • wetland and creek buffers
  • dredging and sediment removal
  • shoreline and streambank stabilization
  • waterbody crossings and structures
  • appropriation of public surface waters
  • stormwater management.

These rules are effective as of January 1st, 2020. They were adopted to protect the public’s health and welfare as well as the natural resources of the District and are enforceable under Minnesota Statute. 

Permit Application Deadlines

Initial Application Submission

A complete online application must be submitted at least 30 business days (i.e., roughly 45 calendar days) prior to the board meeting at which you wish it to be considered. This does not mean that it will be considered at that meeting.  No permit will be considered complete without submittal of an online application and the requisite permit deposit and fee being received at the RPBCWD office. 

After the fee deposit and application are received by RPBCWD, the submittal will undergo a "completeness review" within 15 business days to determine that the required materials (typically described in section 4 of the applicable rule(s)) are included in the submittal.  

Missing submittal materials and/or inadequate information demonstrating compliance with the applicable rule criteria (typically in section 3 of the applicable rule(s)), will result in the application remaining incomplete. Rule A defines the RPBCWD procedural requirements. 


Additional Materials

During the review process, additional materials may be required to demonstrate that the proposed project and appurtenances conforms to the district rule(s). Typically, Section 3 of the applicable rule(s) describes the criteria to be evalutated. These additional materials and modifications must be provided no later than 10 business days prior to the board packet being distributed. This is typically 15 days prior to the board meeting.


Check out Frequently Asked Questions. Or contact Mat Nicklay at or 952-607-6512 extension 2.



Guidance Document

This document describes common challenges encountered by permit applicants regarding the RPBCWD regulatory program.



Review Permit Deadlines to figure out when you need to submit a complete application in order to get it reviewed at an upcoming board meeting.


Supporting Documents and Maps

Permit fee schedule, financial assurance schedule, wetland buffer sign template, and high-risk erosion maps, flood risk maps, and more supporting documents.


Atlas 14 Nested Distributions

Distribution materials including 24 hour/2 year, 24 hour/10 year, 24 hour/100 year, and snowmelt 10 day/100 year.


Salt Applicator Certification

As required by Rule J, Subsection 3.8, a stormwater management permit applicant must provide a plan for management of chloride including Smart Salting Certification from the MPCA.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find out answers to the most frequently asked questions about permits.