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Adopt a Dock

Help us minimize the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species!

Adopt a Dock is a citizen science initiative in which lakeshore residents monitor for Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS). Through the Adopt-A-Dock program, community members can help expand the monitoring capacity of the district. Volunteers receive a kit that includes monitoring plates, a field notebook and instructions. They hang the plates from the end of their dock, and check them twice a month for the presence of mussels. This information is communicated to the district, and if an invasive mussel is found, it is reported to the Department of Natural Resources. Early detection is critical to reduce the negative impacts of AIS and to potentially eliminate an invasive species before it becomes fully established within a waterbody. 

In the spring, volunteers attach monitoring plates to the end of their docks. They check their plates twice a month, and report observations to the watershed district.

Woman on adopted dock

Want to join the team?

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