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Watershed stewardship grants

(formerly known as Cost-Share Grant)

Application Season Postponed until April 19th

Due to a staffing change at the District, staff will not be accepting applications for review until April 19th. If you have already submitted an application, it will be reviewed at that time.

Funding and technical help for projects that protect and improve water resources

The Watershed Stewardship Grant program offers financial support and resources for clean water projects to residents and organizations in the watershed district. Some examples include raingardens, native plant buffers, wetland restorations, rainwater reuse, erosion control or tree trenches. See program guidelines here.

Who can apply

  • Individual homeowners
  • Non-profits (including home, townhome and lake associations)
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Local government ​​​


  • Homeowners:               $5000 max, up to 75% of the project cost
  • Non-profits:                   $20,000 max, up to 75% of the project cost
  • Gov/school/busi:          $50,000 max, up to 50% of the project cost

How it works

Before you apply

  1. Read the program guidelines
  2. Fill out the "Request a site visit" form
  3. We will contact you to schedule a site visit with the Carver County Soil and Water Conservation District (CCSWCD) Technician
  4. Design your project plan (work with the technician or a private company)
  5.  If you work with a private company (or design it yourself), we encourage you to submit the plan to technician for preliminary review. The technician can help calculate the water quality benefits portion of the application.

To apply

  1. Use the grant application and guidelines to assemble all the necessary information
  2. Fill out the online grant application form
  3. Upload: 
    1. project designs including location map (and plant list if applicable)
    2. Contractor bids (for work involving a third-party)
    3. Project cost estimate

If your project is approved

  1. We will send you a contract. Once this is signed, you can get started!
  2. Keep track of your expenses including all receipts
  3. Issues come up. If you think you need to make a change to your plan, contact us for approval
  4. Take photos! Before, during, and after. You’ll need these for submitting your project report
  5. You’ve got one year from approval to finish

After you complete your project

  1. Submit the project reimbursement form online
  2. Upload or mail in copies of all your receipts, including from any contractors you worked with
  3. After you submit the reimbursement form, the CCSWCD technician will schedule a project check-out visit
  4. Financials are processed once a month at the watershed. Get your completed project report in by the 15th of the month in order to have a check issued the first Wednesday of the following month (example: submit report July 12th, financials processed July 15th, check issued August 7th and mailed out soon after)


  1. Take care of your project (you are required to to maintain your project for 5-10 years, see program guidelines for full details)
  2.  Complete the online project report annually to let us know how things are going
  3. At the end of year two, the CCSWCD technician will stop out for a progress visit
  4. Stay in contact! The watershed district often offers continuing education on topics like maintenance, and other opportunities to learn and get involved

1. Request a site visit

2. Apply

3. Submit a project report (coming soon)



Complete applications are accepted on a rolling basis from April 19th- October 31st. The application review committee meets the last week of every month.



Contact Liz Forbes:

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