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This interactive model demonstrates the sources and effects of water pollution, and ways to prevent it. Easily show how storm water runoff carries pollutants through the watershed to a pond, lake, river, bay, or ocean – and the best management practices to prevent this type of pollution from occurring. The overall watershed/stormwater concept is effectively communicated to all ages (children to adults)!

Model includes areas of agriculture, construction, residential, industrial, and transportation.

Contents: Nonpoint source landscape top (topographical map) with storm drain pipe, clear base, 4 bridges, 5 houses, barn, factory, treatment plant, 4 trees, 2 golf flags, 3 cows, 2 cars, tractor, construction vehicle, and best management practices such as buffer strips, clay for making berms, manure container in addition to soil, oils and chemicals (cocoa, drink mixes and oil mix), watercatcher container, rainmaker (spray bottle), water plug, and easy-to-use peer-reviewed User’s Guide. 

Dimensions Assembled (approx): 25” x 30” x 7”

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