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Lower Riley Creek Ecological Restoration

Lower Riley Creek after restoration (Oct 2021)

About the project

The vision for the project is to provide an ecologically diverse stream reach that significantly reduces streambank erosion, provides diverse habitats, and enhances the public’s access and their understanding of why stable stream systems are important. 

Riley Creek is unhealthy due to high levels of sediment in the water. There is active erosion occurring along the creek because of increased stormwater discharge. If nothing is done, the creek will continue to erode the streambanks and surrounding slopes, picking up more sediment. The Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District with the City of Eden Prairie and the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District are working together to stabilize and enhance the creek. You can help by implementing water friendly practices that decrease stormwater runoff. Together, we can make a difference in the health of Riley Creek.

Restoration Journey Overview

Dowload the December 2021 project update.


Status: Project complete

Duration: 2017-2021 (planning through completion)

Partners: City of Eden Prairie, Lower Minnesota River Watershed District

Cost: $1.75 million

Funding: 100% levy funds

December 2021 Project Update (pdf)

Project Factsheet

Project Location

Project Resources